Steven took a very challenging discrimination case that other attorneys balked at. He could see past the obvious difficulties and understand the complaint was still very valid. He made all of the various options clear, and walked me through the pros and cons of each approach. A personable and trustworthy guy, Steven got the job done for me and would do the same for you.

- Jacobus

Steve represented me in a very difficult case and because of him I walked away with a very favorable result. He always made himself available to me to answer any questions I had during the entire process, and I was proud to have him on my side. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

- Jessica

I had a brief conversation with Mr. Warshawsky. I emailed my case outline to him and a few other attorneys. Despite my case not being the right fit for him, he was the only one to respond to me, sincerely listen to my case, and offer his advice. The basis for any successful business is empathy and valuing potential clients. Although I didn't use him for a service, I greatly appreciated his friendly attitude & intelligence and would put him at the top of my list should I need representation (hopefully I won't). Thank you.

- Anonymous

After an unsuccessful search for a lawyer who wasn't afraid to represent me I stumbled across Mr. Warshawsky. Every part of the process was clear! If I had a question he answered it. If I had a concern he addressed it. He fought for everything I wanted and always made sure whatever was happening that I was comfortable with. If your looking for someone who know's their stuff and goes above and beyond Mr. Warshawsky is your guy.

- Amanda

We were served with a frivolous and baseless lawsuit by a former employer. We contacted a few lawyers in New York and didn't feel comfortable with what we heard. We then contacted Mr. Warshawsky, who was just who we needed.

Even though the case was without legal merit, it still had to work its way through the system and it was very stressful. Having Mr. Warshawsky on our side was so re-assuring. He explained his steps for fighting the suit, worked very quickly to get things filed, really knew his facts on the legal merits (or lack thereof) of the case, and not even 6 months later, the case was dismissed. We believe that was mainly due to his ability to quickly file motions in the case and explain the legal facts to the opposing counsel (a corporate lawyer without any employment law experience). We also were very relieved to find that Mr. Warshawsksy's fees were extremely competitive and very fair.

Heaven forbid we ever have to go through this again, but if we do, we know who we will call first.

- Brian

I am an attorney and retained Mr. Warshawsky. He provided top-quality information and created a good strategy. He knew as much about the facts of the case as I did and even more about the law.

- Anonymous

Amazing and talented attorney with integrity. He is very logical, smart and experienced and will give you a realistic assessment of your situation. He is also an excellent writer which to me is a very important quality in an attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family.

- Anonymous

Oh my! I was very satisfied with Steven Warshawsky's performance. I contacted Mr. Warshawsky after another attorney of mine appeared to be half-stepping and intimidated by the organization I was suing. Mr. Warshawsky called me back the next day, assessed the case, and assumed the case. He explained the strong and weak points of my case with me in detail. He suggested angles we could pursue and also listened to my input. We were a team! He was knowledgeable, informative and compassionate. He had immediate response time when I called him with any questions I had and, took "no shorts" from the organization I was suing. Mr. Warshawsky played hardball with the defendants and was able to settle for over twice the original offer in less than three weeks! If your looking for an honest attorney, who is not afraid to fight for you, give Mr. Warshawsky a try; I think you will be very satisfied.

- Sandra

Steve is a lawyer's lawyer. He knows his stuff - excellent in court - outstanding writer. A lawsuit is a highly personal endeavor which requires tremendous thought in choosing your representative in court. Steve took my case to trial and obtained a favorable outcome in a relatively short time. The focus and personal attention he gave to my case was above and beyond any expectation. I recommend him to anyone who has been wronged.


I was very pleased with Steve. Not only was he the consummate professional, but I felt like he was truly my advocate. He's very smart, easy to deal with and gets straight to the point. I never felt like he was jerking me around. He understands that it takes more than just "book smarts" (which he has) to be a good lawyer.

- Geri

I had a dispute with my previous employer and I talked to literally dozens of lawyers. Mr Warshawsky is by far the best one.

When you talk to an employment lawyer for anything other than harassment, discrimination etc, he would usually send you away because those are the juicy cases where lawyers can make most money out of. Yours is simply not. If you talk to a civil litigation lawyer, he would try to convince you how strong your positions are and how they can sue the crap out of the other side. But you know you don't want an expensive lawsuit. You just need a solution.

Mr Warshawsky is unique among all the lawyers I talked to. He is selfless and he really cares about whoever came to him. My free initial consultation lasted ridiculously long (he could have made a lot of money from his retained clients using that time) . He analyzed the situation from both my perspective and my employer's perspective, went through NY labor laws and found the articles and sections that are on my side, told me whether I was likely to win under each clause. I was very impressed by the extensive notes he made on his copy of the laws and how fast he looked up the sections. After the long free consultation, he recommended not to waste resources on hiring him, but I walked away with tons of helpful advice and legal knowledge.

- Anonymous

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