Excellent lawyer

Steven represented me on an employment related issue, and I found him to be smart, direct, and honest. He gave me excellent advice and helped me select the best options to pursue given my situation. Ultimately, he helped me reach a more than acceptable settlement. He knows the law and clearly is interested in the work he does - his advice was spot on, and his writing style was persuasive. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


Had a great experience regarding my case with Mr. Warshawsky. He worked effective and tirelessly on my case to get the desired outcome. I am impressed with his work. Communication was also great

Hire him if you want the best!

Great follow through and very informative attorney. You want him in your side. I would hire him again!

A 5-Star Review

Mr. Warshawsky and I had a very good working relationship. He was very attentive and patient. I had a lot of questions and my case was quite complex. He took the time to make sure I understood every step along the way. He prepared me very well on what to expect, and there were no surprises. He was a skilled mediator. I actually went to trial with him for a civil rights matter, and he was more than competent as a trial lawyer. I highly recommend him,

Highly Valuable Legal Advocate

We are small restaurant owners and were sued by a former employee claiming disability discrimination. We initially hired an attorney from a prominent labor law firm which resulted in a very regretful experience. The lawyer was entirely incompetent and did not possess the minimum level of knowledge and skills required to resolve the case to our satisfaction. We then turned to Mr. Warshawsky hoping for a better outcome. Unlike the previous attorney, Mr. Warshawsky demonstrated a mastery of the law and guided us skillfully throughout the entire legal process. Mr. Warshawsky clearly explained our situation in the context of the law and presented a realistic depiction of how the case may unfold given our options on how to proceed with the matter. . Through his negotiation abilities, we eventually settled the case out of court with a compensation amount that was within reason. We are very thankful for his help because we believe the situation could have been much worse without his advocacy We highly recommend Mr. Warshawsky for labor-related legal issues either as a plaintiff or defendant.

Lawyer that listens

When all lawyers that I called did not want to listen to me and take my case Steven did. He is different than other lawyers. He took time to listen to me and what problems I had, and he provided me with answers to what might happen and how my case can be presented and if it will not go my way how it can be fixed. During entire time of my case, Steven always kept me posted on what is happening and if I had any questions I could always call him and he would explain procedures to me.

Great experience

Mr. Warshawsky was very patient and always willing to answer any questions I had regarding my case. He made sure to prepare and explain to me any and all possible outcomes and scenarios during the entire process. He always gave his honest opinion and it was clear that he is extremely skilled in what he does. I would highly recommend him.


SMW provided thorough and thoughtful counsel and is a gifted litigator. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of assistance. As an attorney myself, I can say based on my own experience and with confidence that he is one of the best in the business.

Steve was extremely detailed oriented.

After a consultation with Steve on 3/24/16, I found that Steve was extremely detailed oriented and provided a clear/concise direction to win our case. I would highly recommend Steve.

An Excellent Labor Lawyer

Steven Warshawsky represented me in a labor law case. I was extremely satisfied with result I received. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a labor lawyer. He listened to all my concerns, and gives his honest opinions. I am happy I had him as my attorney, i have no regrets.


Steven Warshawsky handled two issues for me this past year, and did an outstanding job. He's going to always be my first call when i need a great lawyer.

Excellent Experience

I had an excellent experience working with Steve Warshawsky on a not so straightforward employment separation agreement. Steve took the time to listen to my concerns and read through my supporting documentation. What I really appreciated the most was Steve's direct advice - he really knows his stuff and is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. He will explain what the employer / the other side of a contract will be looking for and be paying the most attention to, as well as how to most effectively structure your communication to increase the chances of getting what you are trying to achieve. Steve understood my stress and made himself available as much as he could to manage my time sensitive case, which was greatly appreciated. I would definitely use Steve again if needed.

A personable and trustworthy guy

Steven took a very challenging discrimination case that other attorneys balked at. He could see past the obvious difficulties and understand the complaint was still very valid. He made all of the various options clear, and walked me through the pros and cons of each approach. A personable and trustworthy guy, Steven got the job done for me and would do the same for you.

I was proud to have him on my side

Steve represented me in a very difficult case and because of him I walked away with a very favorable result. He always made himself available to me to answer any questions I had during the entire process, and I was proud to have him on my side. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

The answer to all your prayers

The only way I can describe the kind of attorney and man Steven Warshawsky is, is by giving you a glance into what kind of dilemma I was in when I first met Mr. Warshawsky. I had been falsely accused of the most ridiculous crime conceivable. Making a phone call. I was removed from my home on a freezing cold February night to be driven 3 hours from home to be accused of making a phone call! I was incarcerated overnight. I have never been in trouble before in my life. Not even a speeding ticket. When I was released 24 hours later on ROR, I was advised to seek an attorney out in Suffolk County who knows how things work out there. My family and I did as we were advised to do. I hired a big shot attorney, very well-known out in Suffolk County. My family and I overpaid this attorney. But we knew no better. From my first appearance with this big shot attorney, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. What was happening to me was never explained to me. He did not care I was innocent. All he kept telling me to do was accept the pleas offered so that he can be free of me and get money from other poor people in serious trouble. At some point, I realized this man was NOT the attorney I required to prove my innocence. I fired him and represented myself for a few months! No ladies and gentleman, I am not a lawyer or even a paralegal. I am an executive secretary so out of my league. At this point it had taken it’s toll on me. I was falsely accused in the most corrupt area I could have been accused in and had no help at all, no one who believed in my innocence. Now, the story of how I came to meet Mr. Warshawsky begins. I ran around all over to find myself an attorney who believed in me. I just so happened to find Mr. Warshawsky online of all places. From the first meeting with Mr. Warshawsky and his young protégé Mr. Swartz, I knew my prayers were answered. He was patient, compassionate, not looking at his watch every 5 minutes, but was truly listening to me. When I received the email from Mr. Warshawsky that he was willing to help me, I cried. I found the help I have been praying for. In the months that followed, Mr. Warshawsky, Mr. Swartz and I would spend hours going over every scenario that could happen. He answered all my questions. For how can a layman understand what was happening? He understood how horrified I was and was truly patient. Almost 2 years after my arrest, after being jerked around after being offered many pleas, I was going to trial! All through the proceedings (4 days) I frantically wrote Mr. Warshawsky notes. He would smile back at me and write me, relax you are not alone, he would even draw me smiley faces to make a terrified me calm down. Somehow, Mr. Warshawsky got the truth to come out. He was so engaging and incredible in the way he spoke that other attorney’s came from other court rooms to see this amazing man represent his client. Everyone hung on his every word. When Her Honor called for a break the jury seemed disappointed. They wanted to see him at work see what he would say next. When the jury went into deliberation, he walked around the court building with me. We went over every scenario that could happen. He promised me I would be alright. About 20 minutes into deliberations a verdict was in. With Mr. Warshawsky by my side I reentered that court room to learn my fate. I was vindicated of all charges. After 2 years of living hell. I have been given my life back thanks to this man. My family and I had prayed long and hard for a savior to help us. I truly, as a religious person, believe Mr. Warshawsky to be that savior. I will be in his debt for the rest of my life. I could not recommend a better man to help you. I have met with over 30 lawyers before finding Mr. Warshawsky. He stood beside his client and saw me through and with his help the truth came out. If you ever are to find yourself or loved one in trouble. He is the answer to your prayers.

Not afraid to fight for the little guy!

After being in an extremely difficult situation and more than 4 different attorneys turning my case down, I was fortunate to have met Steven. He was very cordial and gave me the time of day, taking time to meet me on many occasions to review my potential case. After much discussion, we proceeded to file a suit and the journey began against a Municipality that had wronged me. During the slow and tedious process, Steven was very sincere and always kept me in the loop. My calls and emails were always returned in a promptly timeframe with my questions always answered. He always demonstrated a mastery of the subject matter and helped answer any questions I had. Federal cases are often complex and time consuming, so I was able to deal with Steven for approximately 3 years. Near the end of the case and after numerous discussions, we finally approached a path to settlement and concluded the case. While there are numerous factors that are often beyond one's control, he was very diligent to advise me of potential risk/reward and willing to proceed based on my will. I have met many attorneys and deal with many on a professional level. I must say I NEVER felt Steven was in it for the money, but more so to right what was once wronged to me. I felt he was sincere from start to finish and gave me a fighting chance in a legal capacity. He is experienced and well hearted. I would recommend Steven to anyone looking for a fantastic attorney and excellent legal representation. I wish him well in his endeavors and would return to him should I ever have the need to.

Friendly attitude & intelligence

I had a brief conversation with Mr. Warshawsky. I emailed my case outline to him and a few other attorneys. Despite my case not being the right fit for him, he was the only one to respond to me, sincerely listen to my case, and offer his advice. The basis for any successful business is empathy and valuing potential clients. Although I didn’t use him for a service, I greatly appreciated his friendly attitude & intelligence and would put him at the top of my list should I need representation (hopefully I won’t). Thank you.

A highly competent and professional lawyer!

I greatly benefited from Mr Warshawskys help. Steven is a highly effective, knowledgable and competent professional that was clear, to the point and a pleasure to deal with at all times. I could not recommend steven enough and oddly wish I had another lawsuit to see him excel in! His letter to the opposing party are extremely efficient.

Every part of the process was clear!

After an unsuccessful search for a lawyer who wasn’t afraid to represent me I stumbled across Mr. Warshawsky. Every part of the process was clear! If I had a question he answered it. If I had a concern he addressed it. He fought for everything I wanted and always made sure whatever was happening that I was comfortable with. If your looking for someone who know’s their stuff and goes above and beyond Mr. Warshawsky is your guy.

Mr. Warshawsky...just who we needed

We were served with a frivolous and baseless lawsuit by a former employer. We contacted a few lawyers in New York and didn’t feel comfortable with what we heard. We then contacted Mr. Warshawsky, who was just who we needed. Even though the case was without legal merit, it still had to work its way through the system and it was very stressful. Having Mr. Warshawsky on our side was so re-assuring. He explained his steps for fighting the suit, worked very quickly to get things filed, really knew his facts on the legal merits (or lack thereof) of the case, and not even 6 months later, the case was dismissed. We believe that was mainly due to his ability to quickly file motions in the case and explain the legal facts to the opposing counsel (a corporate lawyer without any employment law experience). We also were very relieved to find that Mr. Warshawsksy’s fees were extremely competitive and very fair. Heaven forbid we ever have to go through this again, but if we do, we know who we will call first.

Good strategy

I am an attorney and retained Mr. Warshawsky. He provided top-quality information and created a good strategy. He knew as much about the facts of the case as I did and even more about the law.

Logical, smart and experienced

Amazing and talented attorney with integrity. He is very logical, smart and experienced and will give you a realistic assessment of your situation. He is also an excellent writer which to me is a very important quality in an attorney. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family.

Knowledgeable, informative and compassionate

Oh my! I was very satisfied with Steven Warshawsky’s performance. I contacted Mr. Warshawsky after another attorney of mine appeared to be half-stepping and intimidated by the organization I was suing. Mr. Warshawsky called me back the next day, assessed the case, and assumed the case. He explained the strong and weak points of my case with me in detail. He suggested angles we could pursue and also listened to my input. We were a team! He was knowledgeable, informative and compassionate. He had immediate response time when I called him with any questions I had and, took “no shorts” from the organization I was suing. Mr. Warshawsky played hardball with the defendants and was able to settle for over twice the original offer in less than three weeks! If your looking for an honest attorney, who is not afraid to fight for you, give Mr. Warshawsky a try; I think you will be very satisfied.

Excellent in court – outstanding writer

Steve is a lawyer’s lawyer. He knows his stuff – excellent in court – outstanding writer. A lawsuit is a highly personal endeavor which requires tremendous thought in choosing your representative in court. Steve took my case to trial and obtained a favorable outcome in a relatively short time. The focus and personal attention he gave to my case was above and beyond any expectation. I recommend him to anyone who has been wronged.

Responsive, competent, direct lawyer

I recommend Steve highly. Steve coached me through negotiations and provided practical, prompt advice. Responsiveness in time-sensitive negotiations is critical and he was there for me.

Truly my advocate

I was very pleased with Steve. Not only was he the consummate professional, but I felt like he was truly my advocate. He’s very smart, easy to deal with and gets straight to the point. I never felt like he was jerking me around. He understands that it takes more than just “book smarts” (which he has) to be a good lawyer.

Selfless and he really cares

I had a dispute with my previous employer and I talked to literally dozens of lawyers. Mr Warshawsky is by far the best one. When you talk to an employment lawyer for anything other than harassment, discrimination etc, he would usually send you away because those are the juicy cases where lawyers can make most money out of. Yours is simply not. If you talk to a civil litigation lawyer, he would try to convince you how strong your positions are and how they can sue the crap out of the other side. But you know you don’t want an expensive lawsuit. You just need a solution. Mr Warshawsky is unique among all the lawyers I talked to. He is selfless and he really cares about whoever came to him. My free initial consultation lasted ridiculously long (he could have made a lot of money from his retained clients using that time) . He analyzed the situation from both my perspective and my employer’s perspective, went through NY labor laws and found the articles and sections that are on my side, told me whether I was likely to win under each clause. I was very impressed by the extensive notes he made on his copy of the laws and how fast he looked up the sections. After the long free consultation, he recommended not to waste resources on hiring him, but I walked away with tons of helpful advice and legal knowledge.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.